4 Calorie Counting Apps To Keep A Track Record Of Your Nutrition

Lately, have you been thinking of keeping a check on your calorie intake through those counting apps? Well, before you hit that install button, listen up! Though keeping close tabs on your daily calories is by far the best approach of gaining an in-depth insight on your nutrition, that isn’t really the be all and end all.

When it comes to counting the number of calories you’re putting into your system, it’s imperative to remember that you don’t always get to know whether the food you’re eating is nutritious or jam-packed with sugar – you might end up being misled. You never know… you feel you’re hitting the daily target but in reality, you’re perhaps consuming twice the sugar allowance that’s intended for you.

Now, don’t worry – several studies say that it’s good to count your calorie intake to track your overall food consumption and is a priceless tool when on the journey of losing weight – because when it’s about trimming down excess fat, it boils down to input vs output.

If you think tracking calories would work out for you and are fervent on downloading the app, then we know what’s worth giving up your phone’s storage for. What’s more, these applications come with a price tag.

Keep reading this article to find out the ideal calorie counter and online food journal, which will help you figure out how to trim down that fat and achieve the desired goals.

My Fitness Pal

No matter whether you’re using Windows, Android or iOs, this application is the best when it comes to keeping a watch on your macros and calories. Since it’s free of cost, MyFitnessPal is considered to be the queen of every other free calorie counter. Besides, it’s the go-to option of the majority of fitness freaks, as it helps them track down everything from calories to macros.

MyFitnessPal is flexible, irrespective of what your fitness objectives are. It will record your height and weight, and accordingly, gauge the calorie intake that is in line with your goals. Also, since it’s absolutely free, there’s no need for you to empty your pockets.

Control My Weight

This is one app that’ll cost you roughly around £3.80 but it works wonders, especially if you want to constantly boost your morale and receive daily updates on your progress.

By putting this application to use, you get to keep your weight under control as it keeps you on the move by showing your carbs, sugar and fat intake all through the day – not to mention, the revamping of your diet by recommending food to eat and discard. Mind you, this app is an ‘all rounder’.

Calorie Counter Pro

Calorie Counter Pro works the best for those looking for a network that supports them throughout their fitness journey and is just for £2.99 (affordable as compared to Control My Weight).

With this weight loss tracker, you get to know the calorie count of a specific food item right away, since it lets you scan their barcodes. It also beats other diet applications, because of its community forum, which lets you connect with fellow users wanting to share with you their recipe ideas, tips and motivation.

You see, it’s the ideal tool for people who’re always on the go!

Noom Coach Weight Loss Plan

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your set fitness goals, then this application is just what you need. All you need to do is pay £7.99 and you’ll have your weight loss coach by your side all the time.

Apart from calculating the calorie intake, Noom also offers you amazing coaching to get rid of that excess body fat. It links you with a personal trainer broadgate or interactive coach, who has the complete access to your workout regime and the food you eat and make certain you’re reaching your desired goals.

There we have it – some of the best apps for every fitness enthusiast out there. However, if calorie counting isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply keep an eye on your eating habits by counting the macronutrients, measuring salt intake, eating organic food or cutting down on meat.

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