5 Sure-Fire Ways To Ensure Your Dog Stays In Shape

As a dog pawrent, seeing your furry buddy go through health issues would be the last thing you’d ever want. But how can you see to it that they always remain in tip-top condition?

Well, there are a few things that you ought to do, apart from keeping an eye on their weight and health, that’ll help you stay rest assured that your dog is in proper shape.

Now, we aren’t just talking about taking them for frequent vet visits. For you to maintain your pooch’s weight and make sure they’re healthy, you also need to include a considerable amount of exercise in their everyday routine.

In this article, we’ve put together 5 ways that you must take up especially when it comes to maintaining the health of your doggo.

Go for regular walkies

As we all know, just the mere mention of the word “walkies”, dogs get all excited and immediately run towards the door. And when you know how much they love going out for walks, why not make it a daily routine for them? You see, it is by far the best way to make certain that your dog is fit.

However, you ought to ensure that you’re taking them out for the right amount of time, based on their age, size and type of breed. Energetic breeds, for instance, need to be taken for walks at least 2 times a day; whereas for breeds that are too lazy to even get out of their bed, going out for a walk just once a day is enough.

Bear in mind walks are of the utmost importance for dogs, as that is when they get to keep their mind up and running, burn off some energy and stretch their legs. If you find that your four-legged companion has started gaining weight, try to increase the number of hours of their walk on a regular basis.

Let them play with other pets

There’s nothing better than letting your pooch play with other pets since that’s when they’re more active and agile. Also, just a 5-minute play with other dogs is enough to leave your Fido feeling completely shattered.

That said, try finding a “play companion” that your pooch loves meeting up and playing with. This way, it’s not just your dog, but also the other one which will be able to reap the benefits of an intense exercise session. If you want, you can consider adopting another pet, so that both of them have someone to play with.

Take them for swimming sessions

If your dog finds it difficult to cope with intense exercise or has joint issues, then taking them for regular swimming sessions is the perfect way to ensure that they remain fit. Since swimming is considered to be an activity that has a low impact, it is the best way to remain in good shape.

Moreover, canine hydrotherapy is presently all the rage because of the benefits that it has to offer. It not only helps with weight loss but also improves muscle strength, mobility and blood circulation.

So, make it a point to always take your doggy to a nearby canine hydrotherapy centre. But if he/she is confident to take a dip in the pool, then you could take them to a dog-friendly beach or lake where they get to swim in the sea.

Keep constant tabs on your dog’s weight

It is essential to keep tabs on your dog’s weight on a daily basis, just to ensure that you aren’t overfeeding them. At times, it becomes a little hard to identify whether your pooch has gained weight or not by simply taking a look at them.

The best way to identify whether your canine is over or underweight is to touch their stomach and see if you’re able to feel their ribcage. Remember, you should only be able to feel them and not see them from a distance.

Also, if your furry buddy has an hourglass figure, then it’s an indication that they’re roundabout the ideal weight.

Take them for regular health check-ups

It is always better to check the health of your pooch on a daily basis. Simply run your hands all over their body to check for any lumps and bumps. Also, see to it that their eyes are healthy and clear, their teeth clean and their ears are free from any infection. But you need to ensure that you are getting expert advice on a regular basis, so pop to your vet every 6 months or so for a general health check-up for your best friend.

Not only their health, but even their daily grooming, such as clipping of hair and trimming of nails should be taken proper care of.

So, there we have it – just take these in stride and ensure that your dog leads a hale and hearty lifestyle!

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