Here’s How You Can Create Your Own Reading Nook That’s Fun

As an avid reader, the most rewarding interior designing decision for you will be to set up your own cosy reading nook! You’ll have your safe haven within the confines of your home where you can unwind and read your worries away after an eventful day.

If you’re looking for spaces that you can convert into your reading nook, a good place to start with is the loft.  Just a few minutes spent researching loft conversion ideas and you’ll be surprised with the number of options available out there!

In this piece, we’ll highlight a few points that’ll help you create the reading nook of your dreams.

Here’s what you need to do…

Find the ideal space

Take a minute and think about the place where you love to read at home. It could be your home office where there’s seldom any disruption, maybe it’s the living room or your bedroom where you can stretch your limbs and lounge whenever with a novel stuck in your hand! Find that space and anoint it as your reading nook because this is where you’ll see yourself ravishing book after book whenever you please.

Throw together some cushions and blankets in the reading space

Now that the perfect spot has been picked with due diligence, the next step is to make it as cosy and welcoming as possible! This can be done simply by getting your favourite blanket and a couple of quirky cushions or pillows so that the perfect level of comfort is achieved. What’s more, you can take a step further and build your own blanket fort!

The options are certainly aplenty!

Add some candles – or fake ones to be more safe

Set the perfect reading mood by lighting some candles – it’s even better when these are scented! Woodwick candles are a favourite as they make a beautiful crackling sound as they burn, not to mention they can last for hours on end.

Another reason to get Woodwick candles is that they’ll make you feel as if you’re reading right next to the fireplace. This is perfect for rainy weekends or a chilly autumn day.

Get your favourite snack and drink

Before you settle down for the next hour or two and get lost between the pages, grab a snack to munch on and a drink to wash it all down with. When you’re fed and watered, it will make your reading experience even better as you won’t need to worry about feeling hungry.

Crack a window open

Slide the curtains across, raise those blinds and let the wind blow through the window! Let the breeze ruffle some pages and whip your hair around, listen to the birds chirping outside or the rustle of the leaves or maybe even the honking of the cars passing by… you get the picture.

The streaming sunlight in your reading nook will make it more pleasant and bright while doing wonders to lift your spirits. Plus, with the sunlight, you won’t even have to switch on the lights. Mark our words, those windows will help you save some serious money on energy bills.

Turn on the lights

The sunlight won’t keep streaming in all day. You can dress your reading nook in the glow of lights! So bring in some lamps or put up some fairy lights and let it dance around the space.

Want to add that extra bit of comfort? Go with warm lighting options that’ll make your reading nook complete. Lighting options will change the entire personality of your reading space so put some good thought into it. Given the variety of options available, you’ll have fun reading with your space all lit up!

Enjoy your comfy reading nook!

The perfect reading space is where you decide it will be. Some might prefer reading in the library, some might like to read while in bed. The important part is that the reader in you gets his/her fill of their current read!

Creating the perfect reading nook isn’t that difficult. Any space you feel comfortable in will be perfect! But it won’t hurt to personalise your dedicated reading nook a little, will it?

Hopefully, these tips will help you create a reading nook that’ll allow you to delve into the sea of words before you for hours on end.

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