Lip-Smacking Indian Sweets To Include In Your Wedding

India is one of the most vibrant countries in terms of the availability of food options. Weddings in India, are famous for all the food that is served in them. India is a land of spices and is home to some of the flavors that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Indian people love spicy food but that doesn’t deter them from the love of the sweets that comes in all the various different colors and tastes as well. You can always find a sweets shop in almost every street in India with lots of people buying them.

The wedding caterers in Ahmedabad can provide you with some of the best options of sweets that are available in not only the local markets but also the sweets from different states. Including these sweets in the wedding menu will surely be a great treat to the taste buds of the guests and will help make your wedding an instant hit.

Some of the best sweets that you can introduce to your wedding are:

Kaju Katli

It is one of the most loved sweet for every Indian. You’ll hardly find someone who can stop themselves at eating just one of it. It is a perfectly smooth barfi that melts it in your mouth as soon as you have the first bite. Kaju Katli is the one sweet that you can include in your wedding without having any doubts about the guest’s likes and dislikes.


Ghevar is another sweet that is popular in Rajasthan.With its airy texture and the mawa filled in the layers of it, this sweet looks really amazing and inviting on the outside and just digging in a bite is enough for any person to fall in love with it.


Unlike the barfis, jalebi is crunchy and filled with flavored syrup. In India, this dessert is usually eaten with breakfast and is also a common serving in the wedding receptions. It tastes its best when served hot, dripping with syrup. You can actually ask the caterers to assign a halwai who’d make the jalebis in front of the guests as the preparation itself is enough to make your guest’s mouth water.

Gulab Jamun

These spongy dough balls, filled in with mawa and dry fruits can easily make its way up to the top of your wedding menu for desserts. These are fried in the saffron flavored to give them a unique taste and texture and feels live heaven when eaten warm.


The favorite of all the Bengalis, rasgulla is a sweet delicacy which has a similar texture as the gulab jamun. Rasgulla is the one dessert in this list that has the least sugar content and is a personal favorite of health-conscious people. They come in various sizes and flavors and have a different name for every variation.


This sweet with a crunchy outside crust and a softer filling of sweet khoya on the inside hails from the state of Uttar Pradesh. This preparation is more subtle on the sweetness part and like various other Indian sweets is deep fried in the sugar syrup.


This sweet is very much like the rasgulla but is prepared in either an oval shape. After that, it is dipped in sweet flavored milk which gets absorbed in the sponge, and then while serving, more milk is poured upon it with some chopped dry fruits for garnishing.

Mysore Pak

As the name suggests, this sweet has its roots of origins in Mysore. It is basically a barfi made from besan, ghee, and sugar and melts in the mouth giving out the pleasure and taste that only some of the sweets are able to provide.

With these sweets on the wedding menu, you can rest assured that the guests will be forced to lick-off their fingers. Each one of these sweet desserts is really popular in India so if you’re not able to include everything on the final menu then selecting only a few will also do wonders for your wedding menu.

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