One Person Company Registration Documents [Official List]

One Person Company or you may name it OPC!

Well, it is a form of business in India that allows you to start your business effort singly.

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Analog — Documents are the one-way link to approach any of the registration type activity. Here, we will be allotting them in the faith if One Person Company Registration.

Whereon, OPC Registration is a registration required in order to start a business throughout a single hand.

Well, this form of business registration requires the following documents, illustrated as follows:

List Of OPC Registration Documents

The documents required for One Person Company Registration are as follows:

Run Form

This form is used to reserve the name of the company that you want to register.

Identity proof of director and nominee

Meanwhile, PAN Card is mandatory for the Chief and Designated Director to be registered as a person company. After this, both the main and designated directors should be Indians.

Address Proof Of Director & Nominee

Address proof will also be necessary! At the same time, passport, DL (drivers’ license), base, bank statement, electricity bill are also required. However, two of them should be recently and less than 2 months old.

Registered Office Proof

According to a person company registration act, all organizations should have a registered office in India.

And therefore a copy of the rental agreement or sale deed with the electricity bill, NOC (no-objection certificate) from the landlord is required.

Signed Incorporation Documents

OK, to develop access to a registered office, a hard copy of the DCS (Digital Signature Certificate) is required.

However, all other incorporation documents must be signed and uploaded as a soft copy.

These documents are a major part of an individual company registration process. Now that you know how to move forward, I hope you have the answer you were looking for.


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