Tips on choosing the best trucking Software

According to the American transportation research institute (ATRI), there is a very great risk of a trucking company to close the door and run out of business. This decision is based on a research that found out that a dollar of revenue generates a profit of less than 5 cents. On top, the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC), only about 15% of the newly formed trucking companies make it to the second year of operation.

Operating this kind of business requires an updated operating system and an apt level of digitalization. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the use of best trucking software in the market. There are many trucking software companies in the market but to make the search easier you can check one among the best which is Exspeedite and see what’s on offer.

We have also compiled a list of some factors to consider that will help you get the full value for your money. Good trucking software will enable you to cut costs, reduce running expenses, generate reports on time, and also get feedback or do real-time updates. A poor software or lack of any in your operation will cause delays in deliveries and the probabilities of having erroneous reports are high.

Factors to consider when choosing the best trucking software:

The ideal point to understand even before getting in the market is that each business has its unique features. The aforementioned Exspeedite trucking Software Company takes all this into consideration and offers an evaluation survey to see what will work best with your current system. All the points discussed below are relevant but some will have more weight depending on the nature and size of your company.

  1. How the software factors in fuel cost: Fuel is the major expense in a trucking business, it in fact, accounts for almost 40% of the running costs.  As such, a good trucking software should be able to trace, track, and estimate usage for a given range. The software that offers accurate estimates on fuel costs makes planning easy. It also offers a good medium through which the IFTA rates can be incorporated into the accounting system based on states, mileage or other applicable variables.
  2. Definite and specific:  There is no need of having a piece of software that is bulky and filled with unnecessary applications. For example, if you are a small trucking company, you might not necessarily need the brokerage features.

          However, we cannot fail to mention that the best way to handle this complexity is by having a piece of software that can easily be customized and with ample copy pasting or drag and drop features.  It would also be of importance to work closely with the developer or enquire whether they customize the software to suit the customers’ needs.

  1. Cloud computing features: The two main options of running trucking software are to either use a desktop base or a cloud server technology. The latter is more appropriate for those with remote work requirements. On the other hand, a desktop-based server system is good for small trucking companies.

          Thus, the choice on which trucking software to choose will depend on the business structure. However, there are those software providers like Exspeedite who provide the two options and also add the phone app option. Always choose the option that offers more functionality.

  1. Trial sessions: There is no better way of knowing whether the software will work well in your business other than practically trying it out. As such, you should give priority to the sellers who offer a free trial period even if it’s for a week or two.

          During this period, run real-time data and check the efficiency of the results obtained. Take the time to gauge the customer support level if you land in any difficulty. You should always buy from the seller who offers the best support.

  1. Training: We can all agree that programming or information technology in general is not the kind of subject to use the trial and error method. There are providers like Exspeedite who offer an onsite, remote, and video training to the buyers up and until the staff is confident that they can effectively run the trucking software. A relevant backup system should also be put in place.
  2. Real-time data provision: The trucking software should be compatible with the current system in place and also have the capability to be installed on a mobile phone. These features will ensure that any inconvenience is communicated on time. This also helps to have timely reports that improve the accuracy of the overall trucking company records. This is more important if all the parties of your company are involved in the real-time running of the business.
  3. Pricing: Definitely the features present in the software determine its price but it’s always good to check for the trucking software which is competitively priced. Don’t always settle for the first option if there is a chance to make the selection from a wide range. As such, despite having mentioned Exspeedite severally, we cannot conclusively say that it’s the only option available. Do your due diligent research on pricing before making the final purchase decision.
  4. Multitasking capability: Any software that accommodates all the dispatching and tracking tools is the most ideal. Having a centralized system makes control to be easy. On the other hand, tracking features help to know the exact position or state of an activity. The software should also have the capacity to give the best or most cost-effective route. A two-way text feature on the software is also important since there will be prompt communication that will yield the maximum benefits of multitasking.  

Wrap up: Knowing your trucking company requirements is the easiest way to make the right decision on which trucking software to buy. A fast-growing business will require intuitive and complex software. The key feature to look out if you are looking for this class of software is the ease of use. If your trucking business is small but growing, get a simple trucking software which can be easily customized as the need arises. However, the best option is to always consult comprehensively with the software dealer before making the purchase.

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