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The cell phone is a technological wizard that has been prevailed in our society over the last couple of decades. Today youngsters seemingly are the biggest victims of this particular wizard. You may have seen them gazing mobile phone screen all the time. Furthermore, even adults and older ones are second to none.

People who are in a relationship are using the smartphones all day long and people who are business professionals really got assistance from the digital mobile phone for the business point of view no time before. Therefore, there are certain groups of people that really want to track a cell phone for some odd reasons. Let’s get to know who really want to monitor someone’s cell phone.

Who wants to monitor someone’s cell phone?

There are two main groups of people that are desperate wants to track someone’s cell phone. Parents are the one who really want to track children mobile phone to the fullest due to parental insecurities. They don’t want that there kids become the victim of risky online trends, predators online, sexual explicit habits and last but not the least dating online.

On the other side, business professionals are the ones these days are dealing with the very dangerous activities in terms of scams, phishing attacks, cyber ransom ware and waste of time on company’s owned digital devices such as smartphones and gadgets. In addition, employers also want to monitor rouge employees that want to temper with the information stored on the business owned devices.

Use TheOneSpy phone spy software to track cell phone

Parents and employers need to visit to the official website of the phone surveillance software. In addition, subscribe for cell phone tracking software and in response you will receive passcode. Now you need to have physical access on the target device. Once you have the access then you need to get stared with the process of installation and once you have done it successfully then you need to activate it on the target device. In addition, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can visit the multiple tools that empower you to spy on mobile phone device with complete time stamp and accuracy.

Use phone spy software features to track cell phone

Phone surrounds monitoring

User can remotely hack target device MIC and empowers you to record surround voices, conversations, sounds using MIC bug app. In addition, you can track your target device cameras remotely to record surrounds visuals with spyvidcam bug app and you can also capture photos remotely with camera bug app.

Call recording

You can track cell phone calls in real –time no matter what calls are incoming or outgoing you can record it and listen to it and further you can save the data of the calls on the web using secret call recording software.

Live screen recording

You can monitor the target mobile phone device screen in real –time. You can do it with live screen monitoring app. It empowers you to record a short video of the screen back to back in terms of chrome screen recording; social media screen recording, email and password screen recording.

IM’s Social Media

The end user can easily get to know about the activities target person have performed on social messaging apps in terms of logs using social media monitoring app. You can get the logs of social media apps messaging, conversations logs, multimedia in terms of photos, videos logs and last but not the least audio video calls and Voice message logs.

GPS location tracker

You can monitor someone’s location by tracking their cell phone device if he/she is carrying at the moment using GPS location tracker software. In addition, you can monitor the pinpoint location of the target device with complete accuracy. Moreover, you can monitor location history on the MAP in real –time and last but not the least you can mark safe and restricted places for the target mobile phone user.

Browsing activities

The end user can monitor track all the visited websites on the target device browser and you can also get to know about the bookmarks.


Cell phone tracker is the best tool for the parents and employers to monitor the target mobile phone of children and employees respectively. It helps you out to protect children online and business from rogue employees.

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