How to Approve AdSense Account

The World is running on money, and the whole blogging industry is running on the belief that someday they will make loads and loads of money. Though some of the bloggers are setting great records in making money. Their blogs or sites are performing very well, although they worked very hard for it.

Most of us start a blog to earn via AdSense. But they failed, as the initiating process and steps are tough. Because AdSense is so strict, and does not slip down its policies and guidelines;

“Life is tough, still we have to live it”

We all know that becoming a publisher in AdSense is not easy, but still we don’t lose hope and tries to work more hard and made our website more interactive and eye-catching. But for all those who are working hard, I must tell them that, we have cracked the hints, to get into AdSense easily.

Just you have to make some changes to the blog or made it more valuable to the user, and it’s done, you will have the AdSense link in your hands.

How to get AdSense Linking easily:

1. Buy a Domain Name for your Blog:

As a human we all have names to create our identity. Same in the blogging industry we have Domain Names that provide an identity to your blog or website. Or those who are running a website on wordpress, need to buy an hosting as well as the domain name and an SSL certificate too.

2. Create policies of your site:

The most important thing, through which you can generate a trust factor of your site in front of the user and AdSense. Creating policies is as useful as creating content to your website. It is no head-ache, just you have to select some options and you are done. Go on for free policies creator on the internet and start creating your policies.

Then just add these policies in your menu bar of your blog or website.

3. Use a Magazine theme:

We all use themes to make our blog looks more interactive and beautiful. But if you choose a magazine them then your blog will look more comfortable to go through, and the AdSense will also easily accept your blog. Just Download a Magazine theme, and apply it to your blog. Looks tiring but you have to work hard for AdSense. Also choose a theme which has a menu Bar on the topmost place.

4. Try to make your Website more navigated :

From the word “more navigated”, I mean to say, more readable. Or if a user ought to find something on your blog, he/she will get it easily. Most importantly your policies can be seen in the front. It is like I said it before, your policies generate a trust factor in the eyes of everyone. Then apply the services you are providing. You can take a reference to my site The (in desktop mode).

5. Write powerful and valuable Content:

Let me ask you something, are you writing your content for robot or for the humans? Obviously humans. Then prepare your content for them only. Optimize your content with images and better examples. You can also use videos. But don’t overuse images. Use only self-created or non-copyrighted images. Check the plagiarism of your content with the free plagiarism checking tool by Small SEO Tools. Check your language mistakes from Grammarly. Make your readers get engaged with your content. In Essence to writing more interactive and interesting content.

6. Create some links to your site:

Ever heard of Backlinks, if not then they are  the gateway to your site which helps the crawler to get into your site. Create some backlinks so that your site can be indexed by Google Crawler and get a rank on Google pages.

7. Improve the SEO of your site:

Improve your site SEO by performing On-Page SEO tricks. This will help you in making your site more trustworthy in the eyes of AdSense.

8. Provide perfect information in the AdSense Form:

As you know that AdSense is very strict in its publisher guidelines, then you have to pay your very most attention to the form filling process. Provide the information with care, and provide the accurate information.

9. Relax And Wait for your Confirmation:

If you follow each and every step mentioned above then you are ready to go. Nowit’s  time to sit back and relax. But remember follow the above steps continuously even after the approval of AdSense.  Happy Money Making to all the Bloggers out there.

Rishabh Agarwal

The Quaterz

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